Religion and Politics

 Description The main essay questions: Discuss the religious dimensions of Islamic Feminism and consider the political import of such a political/religious movement. The more focus of this topic should be the influence of religion in politics in society with philosophical perspective. (this author should be used Brown). What the research essay is: The research essay is a sustained argument on a central question. You must consider the question you are examining as one that is a real problem; in other words, there must be an issue or controversy that people writing in the area have legitimate differing positions on. You should develop your own sustained argument on that question by drawing on scholarly books and articles that are also responding to the general problem or controversy. You will be in agreement with some of these positions and you may use them to support your argument through direct quotations and paraphrases. You will counter some of the arguments, while still others may be ones that you partly agree and partly disagree with. For each reference in the paper – whether it is a quotation or a paraphrase of an idea – you must give in-text references following one referencing style;