Ray Dalio critical analysis

Assignment task
Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975 at the age of 26. Today, it is the largest hedge fund managing approximately $154b worth of investments. He attributes this success to the way the business is managed within the firm as shown in this video:

Your Task:
Write a 2000-word essay critically analysing the decision-making challenges and opportunities presented by Ray Dalio in this video using SUITABLE THEORIES and FRAMEWORKS.
Your essay should discuss 1) the factors that influence decision-making and 2) types of decision-making styles, their differences and similarities. You should also examine the connection if any, between decision-making and organizational performance. You should consider using other examples to illustrate your points.

This assignment addresses the following module learning outcomes
2. Discuss and compare the impact of principal cultural, historical, economic, technological, and social contexts in local and global contexts on the different functions of business and management
3. Explore the impact of key environmental factors on decision making and organisational behaviour, recognising the international complexity and multiple perspectives associated with such factors
4. Demonstrate critical thinking skills to analyse and resolve organizational problems, applying a limited range of established techniques, to design and implement investigations with the intention of informing decision-making.


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