qualitative research

Please find your qualitative research article to critique for Assignment below. Note that you should have completed the required reading for Weeks 7, 8 and 9 before completing this assignment. which would give you til Nov. 17th. double. Guiding questions can be found in your Creswell text in a table called Critiquing Qualitative Research articles, or by googling Mark Firth for a checklist with the same title. The page number in Creswell varies depending on the edition of the text you are using. Alternatively, you can write this paper in a free-flowing narrative style creating your own headings as you go based on what you’ve learned about this research genre. What I’m looking for is your assessment of the research in question and whether it measures up as a good quality example of qualitative research. Any questions, please post them to this forum so your classmates can benefit from both your questions and my responses.

Article: Bullying Lesbian and Gay Youth; A Qualitative Investigation. The British Journal of Social Work. Vol.39, 8, Dec. 2009.