pros and cons of wechat and instagram

Individual Essay #1
Media Use: A Personal Reflection
To understand media generally is important, but to internalize that understanding and
make it part of your daily life makes the knowledge you gain more impactful and
enduring. This essay offers the opportunity to take the concepts and ideas discussed in
class and in the readings and use them to guide and inform your self-reflection regarding
your use of communication media. For this essay, you will write a 4-5-page paper using
the concepts from the lectures and readings to describe and evaluate your personal use of
communication technologies. You are encouraged to do additional research to inform any
claims about the “normalcy” (or lack thereof) of your media habits.
This essay will:
• Follow all guidelines for effective writing posted on the course Blackboard page
• Be 4-5 typed, double-spaced pages in length (12 pt. Times New Roman font)
• Use course concepts to explain and assess your use of various media
• Include informed comments about the potential impacts of your media use on
different aspects of your life
• Delineate positive and negative impacts of various media (hint: more than one)
• Include proper/correct citations for all external sources (including your textbook)
• Reference the lecture content (but please don’t quote lectures—unless you are
recording them with permission, you are likely just paraphrasing)
• Use proper terminology/vocabulary you are learning from the course
• Include concrete examples
• Be evaluated based on the use of course concepts, how well it meets the
assignment requirements, and the effectiveness of the writing (you will not be
judged based on your actual media use)
• Be turned in electronically (through the appropriate TurnItIn folder on the
Blackboard page) AND in print form by the start of class on October 18th.
• Be worth up to 100 points
This essay will NOT:
• Be a journal-entry style piece of writing
• Divulge information you find too personal for someone else to read/know about
you (we are not asking for a confessional-style paper)
• Cite the lectures—the graders will know what comes from the lectures (but the
essay should contain ideas from the lectures and class discussion)
• Be a critique of a particular piece of communication (ex: this is not a space for
writing a movie review or an assessment of a particular video game, etc.)