Proposal (Problem-Solution) on Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 police brutality

 For this assignment, you will first carefully analyze and explain one of the following contemporary problems highlighted in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: police brutality . Your purpose is to develop a defensible position so that you can persuade your readers to respect your argument by showing them that this problem really exists and that it matters to you and to them. Hence, you will want to acknowledge readers’ opposing views as well as any objections or questions they might have. After setting forth the problem, you may want to explain why it exists. The second part of this assignment is for you to propose one or more ways to solve the problem or at least alleviate it. In making a proposal, you urge action by using such words as “should,” “ought,” and “must”: “Small private aircraft should be banned from flying close to a major commercial airport.” Lay out all the reasons why your proposal deserves to be implemented, and supply evidence that your solution is reasonable and feasible. Remember that your purpose is to convince your readers that something should be done about the problem. You must use Modern Language Association (MLA) parenthetical citations to correctly document a minimum of SEVEN (7) but no more than ten (10) authoritative and current sources. You must use at least one of each of the following source types: one book (outside of class readings) one scholarly journal article one newspaper article one magazine article one relevant assigned class reading one credible, current source of your choice one credible, current source of your choice