Product and Place,Applying product and place Marketing Mix elements to a product or service.

AB219-4: Apply product and place Marketing Mix elements to a product or service. GEL 6.02: Incorporate outside research into an original work appropriately. Product and place are two of the four marketing mix components that are uniquely configured for a product or service to satisfy customer needs and/or wants. Based on the Reading regarding the marketing mix, select one (1) of the provided 3 products and respond thoroughly to the items in the checklist steps to complete the Assignment. Checklist: Step 1: Select one of the following fictional products for this Assignment and do some original research on your chosen product in the Library. Include 2–3 in-text citations, direct quotes, or paraphrases from your research in your paper where applicable, citing and referencing the article(s) you found in the Library in APA format and citation style. You can access “APA Style Central” located in the Academic Tools area of the course for help. A new Robotic Maid — Robomaid4u, a programmable robot that sweeps, vacuums, and mops your floors based on simple voice commands. Foldable Homes: A flat shipped insulated container home that unfolds. The sides are bolted into place with a hand drill and bolts provided. Foam insulation is provided to seal the corners. Local gourmet meals you pre-order via the company Instant Gourmand’s website or by text or email. Large discounts for 6–12 month orders. Step 2: Apply product elements to make your chosen product complete by thoroughly describing them. Discuss the type of product you selected and include product attributes like quality, features, benefits, style and design. Explain a proposed product line (depth) and product mix (width) for the product. Describe the elements of branding. Ex. Brand name, sponsor and brand strategy. Provide the packaging plan Describe the warranty or copyright involved Step 3: Provide a service (or additional service in the case of gourmet meals) that is related to your product. (Assume you have gone through the stages of new product development.) Describe the characteristics of your service in terms of intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity, and perishability of your service. Describe how you will evaluate the five elements of service quality: Reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibility. Step 4: Describe all of the place elements involved with this same chosen product. Describe the distribution strategy for getting the physical product to the consumer. Illustrate (provide a graphic depiction) and discuss the marketing channels used for delivering the product to the customer.