Processes Evaluation in Employment

Process critique

his is to be a reflective commentary of 1,500 words (maximum) covering learning from completing the applied engagement portfolio. This assessment is essential to your learning as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences this semester in both the development of your problem-solving and professional communication skills in
addition to the influence of working with others from diverse backgrounds in the creation of business-ready material.Essentially, you are required to EVALUATE your learning PROCESS in PEER!The entire assessment will be used to measure CLO 5.
DetailsIn writing the process critique, reflect by asking yourself the following questions:
What was the learning situation or event?
What thought and feelings did I have about the learning situation or event?
In what ways do I currently apply the things that I have learned?
In what ways have I changed (or have not changed) in my thinking of the situation?
(describe how or why not) it has been changed using critical analysis)
How can I use this new knowledge and competence? (That is, using the


or maintenance of past perspective).
How do my perceptions of my own diversity with the context of my peers and other
stakeholders influence my actions? Use specific examples from your learning experience