Print the Legend Analysis

This paper explores the hypothetical role of Curriculum Developer for a STEM high school. The paper is presented from the perspective of an interviewee with several important questions exhibited. The purpose of this discussion is to offer insight on aspects and relationships of curriculum development such as developer, collaborator, curriculum models, and role perspective. The paper is presented in two parts; the primary depicting answers from a first-perspective, and the second providing a rationale for the interview answers with supplemental research exploring linkages of student engagement, curriculum design, and project-based learning. Instructions: The following analysis is going to discuss important questions regarding the documentary “Print the Legend.” Each of the questions will be taken from the lessons shared within the class and the corresponding chapters from GEB 2112 Entrepreneurship. However, the savvy researcher can find additional information outside to the reading. The bonus questions will take the place of the 50 question quiz that would have been added. Keep in mind that each segment of ten questions would have supplemented one of the inaccessible quizzes. Please note that in exchange for those quizzes, two bonus question was added. Tip: Strategize this assignment by breaking it down into smaller pieces. Use each day to answer at least one of the questions (if time is a factor). In total, the minimum page count should be 5 pages without the title page, abstract or reference page included. If you are going to use references (hint: one is the assigned book, which is already included in the references. The format is already there for APA). The paper will be evaluated on content, acquired knowledge, and grammar (use Grammarly if need be, but hand in your best work). Many of the questions can go as in-depth as you like to state your analysis or argument. All work must be professionally written and presentable is double-spaced (page is already formatted to Times New Roman 12 pt.). Question 1 – In Print the Legend, what are the four types of strategies used in their strategy formulation? Describe how they used the four unique elements and give an example of each: Unique markets, Unique people, Unique products, and Unique resources. (Chapter 1) Question 2 – What are the four areas of risk that Makerbot experienced as entrepreneurs? Be complete in your answer and describe each. (Chapter 2) Question 3 – Identify the four key elements on which managers should concentrate to develop a corporate entrepreneurship strategy. Did any of the companies use any of those elements? (Chapter 3) Question 4 – Define social entrepreneur. During the documentary, did you feel that any company exhibit attributes of social entrepreneurship? (Chapter 4) Question 5 – (Bonus) – Explain your thoughts on the Entrepreneurial Process and creativity (Chapter 5) Question 6 – (Bonus) – Explain these two equations (Chapter 6): 1. Profitability 2. Liquidity Response to Analysis Questions Answer 1. Begin answer here. Answer 2. Begin answer here. Answer 3. Begin answer here. Answer 4. Begin answer here. Conclusion Begin conclusion here. References Kuratko, D. F. (2016). Entrepreneurship: Theory, process, and practice. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.


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