Population genetics and more specifically the establishment and maintenance of a random mating drosophila melanogaster flies .

The paper is about a 6 week experiment that involved mating random drosophila melanogaster flies, and consists of an introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion. i will be doing the results and discussion, so all i need done is at-least 1 page or a little more than one page for my introduction, and a page for the materials and methods. i will attach a lab report instructions, which includes what should be included for both the introduction and materials and methods. i will also include a grading rubric for the writer to see, so they can see which parts are worth the most points. this can help indicate which parts should have the longest explanations. another thing is there is a lab manual that contains good background information, which can be put into the introduction, but at-least one other source should be used for the introduction please. for the introduction i will also upload my hypothesis and purpose. the writer should put background information, the purpose then hypothesis in that order in the introduction. for the methods and materials i will upload procedures from the lab manual that was used for the 6 week experiment. for weeks 1,3, and 5 of the experiment the same procedure was done, for weeks 2,4, and 6 a different procedure was done, but the procedure was the same for those 3 weeks of the experiment. also, in the instructions for the methods and materials it says to put how initial and subsequent crosses were set up. weeks 1, 3, and 5 involved procedures that were initial to fly crosses (crosses were the mating of flies), and weeks 2,4,6 involved scoring the flies and identifying there phenotype (counting the flies and the amount of flies that were arbitrary to a particular mutation), which was done subsequently to crosses. another part of the methods and procedure includes explaining how allele frequencies were calculated, and this is where a additional source should be used. lastly, the lab manual states that the experiment is done over 9 weeks. mine in particular was a six week procedure that involved a p1 generation (parent generation which included 2 flies, female and male of each phenotype) and 3 generations following that.