Please select a myth, fairy or folktale and adapt it.

You have many options for this story. You can make radical changes or keep good bit of the original story. You can change characters, time periods, and/or places. You can make changes to the audience. You can change the genre—for example making something a horror story or a comedy (Snow White Tale of Terror or Mirror Mirror). It’s also fine to draw from multiple stories.

What really matters is creating a clever and creative adaptation. What are interesting ways, for example, to create a modern day fairy godmother, a modern day prince, dragon or Pandora’s box.

You can select any myth, fairy or folk tale, but please include a link back to the original story. Your story should include some traditional myth, fairy or folk tale elements, but they don’t need to dominate the story.
Primarily have fun and think about ways of including traditional myth, folk, or fairytale elements into a more modern story.

Graded on:
Adherence to Assignment
Language/Sentence Structure/Style
Fairytale and/or Mythic Elements