Peer Review

Peer Reviews A good review will have both in-text comments and a helpful summary in the provided boxes. When reviewing your peers’ essays, indicate what you liked and what you disliked in the essay. Try to answer the following questions: Is the thesis statement of the essay clearly formulated? Are the supporting logical arguments and historical examples valid and sound, i.e. do they support the thesis of the essay? Are there any hidden premises that the fellow student failed to state openly? What would you change in the essay? Try to give useful advice. Avoid generic comments, such as “Good job. Great essay!” or “I disagree with everything you say”. Instead, try to be specific. For instance: “Your second argument doesn’t seem to support your conclusion, since statement A doesn’t logically follow from statements B and C” or “The example in your first argument doesn’t illustrate the point you are making”. Although you don’t have to include spelling/grammar corrections in your peer reviews, it is always good form to point them out when you notice them.


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