Peer Review Description Below are two Peer Review Papers matched with two essays. Please be sure to be as detailed and specific in your responses to your peers.

Peer Review Description Below are two Peer Review Papers matched with two essays. Please be sure to be as detailed and specific in your responses to your peers. Questions on the peer response sheet should not be answered with yes or no – explain your observations so that your peers will understand you. If you have any questions, please let me know. 1. Your name: _______________________ Name of the person you are responding to: _____________1________________ Peer Evaluation Worksheet (use the back of the sheet if you need more room) Introduction of the paper: Find the thesis. Underline it on draft, or write it here. How does the thesis limit the focus of the paper? Is the thesis too general? Does the introduction include adequate background information? List some specifics here. Should the introduction be expanded or tightened? Why? Does the introduction “announce” the layout of the rest of the paper? What lets you know this? Has the writer made you want to learn more? Why or why not? Body: Underline the topic sentences on the paper. Is there a clear connection between each of the paragraphs and the thesis? If not, where do you see problems? Are points substantiated with evidence? Is the evidence pertinent, reliable, and/or verifiable? Are paragraphs unified (exploring only one idea)? Point out paragraphs that lack unity. Are paragraphs developed (is there enough information in each paragraph)? Point out paragraphs that lack development. Are there in-text citations in MLA style if sources are used? Conclusion: Is the thesis restated (and, if possible, reworded)? Is the length of the conclusion appropriate? Does it need to be tightened or expanded? Why? What strategies does the paper use to close the discussion (ex: brief summary of points, recommendation)? Are you interested in learning more about (has the author made the topic relevant to you)? Why or why not? Overall Recommendations: Are there issues related to grammar and punctuation that the author needs to address? If so, what are they? Have sources been quoted correctly, if sources were used? Is the Works Cited formatted correctly, if sources were used? List three strengths (what you feel the author did well) and three weakness (areas that need improvement) of the paper. Essay one Torvald Helmer and Mrs. Linde In the Play “A Doll’s House” the theme of love and marriage is present in almost all the characters. Henrik Ibsen portrays how marriage in the recent past was set up and the challenges that couples went through. It was interesting times based on how the society perceived a woman. Unlike now, where women are enjoying a lot of equality, at the time the play was written women were held in low regard. Marriages are faced with a lot of challenges and counseling has proven an important conflict resolution strategy. This essay will assume Torvald and Mrs. Linde are a couple and offer them marriage counseling on the challenges they are going through. Torvald views himself as a superior and intellectual. He holds his wife as a minor, someone who is supposed to be watched over, instructed and censured. He constantly disrespects her and wants to control her all the time. He never considers her partner as equal in the relationship. Mrs. Linde, on the other hand, is a hardworking, intellectual and modern woman. She believes in equality and the role women play in marriage. Although she recognizes her role in the society as a woman (caregiver and nurturer) she admits to how she finds meaning and satisfaction in work. This makes the couple interesting because the two are financially able and intellectual and do not shy away from fighting for their rights. Even if the society takes women in low regard Mrs. Linde does not. She is hard working, learned and has a job for herself. My first goal is to make sure I change how Torvald and Mrs. Linde view marriage. The two should view marriage as a necessity and a permanent partnership. It should be objective and aimed at improving both entities. The two should stop blaming each other and instead view marriage as a process that needs everyone to be on board for it to be successful. Torvald thinks that marriage comes after his reputation and is willing to forego marriage for the sake of his reputation. Mrs. Linde on the other side puts work and financial stability before her marriage. Krogstad tells her “What else is there to understand, apart from the old, old story? A heartless woman throws a man over the moment something more profitable offers itself. (823)” It is important for the two to learn to prioritize their marriage and be willing to fight for it. If they would change how they view their marriage and make it the main foundation upon which they can build the other desires and needs then they would have an easy time.