Pathophysiology of Seizures

purpose: The purpose of the paper is discovery of best practices related to the nursing care of a client with a specific disease. This will include in-depth analysis of the pathophysiological processes of disease as well as the associated nursing and interdisciplinary care. The following headings will be utilized the following for the paper: 1. Pathophysiology of the disease process (35%) This should be an in-depth review of the pathophysiology of the primary disease process as well as the etiology of the disease. This should be referenced using the textbook and current evidence-based literature, & credible Web resources. 2. Evidence Base Nursing Care (35%): Present a current review of the literature related to the chosen disease process and associated nursing practice. Focus on literature that presents current evidenced based knowledge. Sources of information may include Web resources, professional nursing journals and texts. Review at least 2 professional nursing journals that present evidenced based nursing knowledge related to the topic. Also include Web resources that are credible. 3. Evidence Based Collaborative Care (20%) This should be a review of interdisciplinary care that would be relative to the patient with the selected disease process. Current medical therapy including diagnostic testing, pharmacological/alternative therapy and collaborative treatment plan should be included. 4. Format (10%): (Not a heading) This paper will utilize the APA format, with a bibliographic reference list of at least 10 sources. Two of the sources must be Internet sites with documented validity. Two must be professional nursing journal articles related to the topic. The written case study should be a minimum of 10 pages including the title page, abstract, and reference list. The correct headings must be utilized for the paper. Rough drafts will be accepted on the date specified by the course instructor. There will be no rewrites for the final paper after it is graded.