ORAL HISTORY: Interviews with people in a cultural context

Paper Format: Abstract page Number of pages: Type of work: Type of paper: Sources needed Other Yes 7 Double spaced Writing from scratch Essay No specific sources required Subject Other Topic Writer’s Choice Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details The final paper will require you to use two or more methodologies in order to study the audience for an American media text of your choosing. This will require you to examine the media text as well as the audience for that text. You may choose a narrative film, television program, video game, comic book, novel, or song, from any time period in American history. You must discuss the way American audiences (fans, viewers/readers/gamers) make meaning from the text, discussing their experience in an American cultural context. Your argument should have a cultural and historical context.

In other words, it must say something about your specific audience group but ALSO say something about American culture/history more broadly. Research papers should: • Be a minimum of 7 pages (not counting field notes, transcripts, bibliography, or endnotes). • Typed in 12 point font, double-spaced, with standard margins. • Have proper grammar and spelling. • Use two or more methods discussed in class (see list at bottom) • Use 2 sources from our course readings, and at least 2 other academic sources to support your thesis. Methods to choose from:

• ORAL HISTORY: Interviews with people in a cultural context • ETHNOGRAPHY: Participant-observation and thick description in a cultural context • MATERIAL CULTURE : Analysis of historical objects in a cultural context • LITERARY CRITICISM: Analysis of narratives in a cultural context You will be subject to the same methodological requirements discussed in lecture and/or assignment instructions. For example, oral history interviews will require submission of interview transcriptions and signed Informed Consent forms, ethnographies will require submission of field notes, etc.