Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)

Maximum two-page summary in a PDF and WORD report about major finding of your investigation. The report should be typed according to IEEE standard publication Two-Column format (read the IEEE format and samples before writing your report). It should contain a title, affiliation, abstract, introduction, body description, and a list of references. All information including figures, pictures should fit in the two pages with 0.5 inch margin on all sides, and the use of Times New Roman font sizes 24 and 10 for title and text respectively. Please see the guidelines and a sample in the documents section for direction. History of the technology and its evolution  Mechanism: Optical Theory (How does it work?) Some technical stuff: (i.e. frequency, sizes, power consumptions, material, interactions, etc.)  Engineering Aspects (advantages and disadvantages, practicality, expenses, ease of use, comparison with other technologies, etc.)  Importance: why it is so important to have such a technology. What would be the world looks like if such technology has not been invented yet.  Applications and Usages: i.e. filters, sources, matching, amplifiers, splitters, etc.  The future: of this technology