Title: An extended essay critically appraising knowledge, related to how culturally sensitive care, is provided to women with a public health issue in maternity care.

Pick a public health subject that interests you or that you have had some experience in when caring for women in this situation. This should be agreed with the module leader. Critically analyse your chosen public health subject in relation to culturally sensitive care and how this could have an impact on the planning, implementation & delivery of maternity care.

Incorporated in this should be a focus on a values based approach, for example: the 6 C’s, leadership, the multi-disciplinary team and autonomy. Look at the wider field of literature and critically analyse this in relation to your subject. You should also relate you’re subject to the relevant underpinning governing bodies, publications and documents.

Essay Plan: A values based approach to public health
Guideline: 4000 words. Weighting 50% (pass required at 40% according to level 6 marking criteria – see chart in handbook)

As this is a piece of academic work, you are required to relate your project to the wider theoretical and research literature. This assessment demonstrates the extent to which you meet Learning Outcomes 1& 2.

To pass this essay you must meet both learning outcomes:
1. Critically analyse how culturally sensitive midwifery care is provided.
2. Critically appraise knowledge related to public health issues in maternity care.

Ideas for public health subjects you could use are:
· Substance misuse;
· Smoking;
· Obesity;
· Alcohol/Fetal Alcohol spectrum disorders;
· Age;
· Domestic Abuse;
· Female Genital Mutilation;
· Mental Health;
· Family planning e.g. HIV/AIDS.

Guidelines for Writing Your Essay
The essay should include a critical analysis and evaluation in the context of the relevant literature/research. You should adopt a critically reflective stance and include evidence of your own learning. Ensure that you do not provide just a description of the literature, but also include critical analysis and critical reflection on what it contains. This will develop a deep and comprehensive understanding, enabling you to critically evaluate a range of wider issues and perspectives relating to public health and cultural sensitivity.

You should write in the 3rd person and keep it anonymous to protect confidentiality of Trusts and people.

Introduction: approx. 500 words
What is public health?
What is the midwives role in public health and why is it important? (You can start to be critical here)
What is your chosen topic and why did you pick it? (You can start to be critical here)

Set the scene 

Main body: approx. 3000 words
Learning outcome 1: Critically analyse how culturally sensitive midwifery care is provided. (Guide: 1500 words of the 3000 word guide for the main body
Consider the history of your public health topic and what the current trends in the rates are for:
• Your country
• Your region

Explore and discuss cultural sensitivity and relate it to this topic,

• What is cultural sensitivity and why is it important in midwifery?
• How this impacts on care planning, implementation and maintenance
• How this may affect the family as a whole
• Communication within the multi-disciplinary team and with the woman and her family
• Role of the midwife
• Advocacy
• How this may impact on Trust policy/procedures
• Respecting the woman’s rights to consent and ethics involved
• Educating midwives/women
• Supervisor of midwives role

Consider how culture would impact on your chosen public health issue.

Discuss how care should be adapted to suit each individual client and to respect their beliefs and practices and why this is important.

What impact could cultural beliefs potentially have on the care of a client with your chosen public health issue? How does the midwives role fit with this and how would you be an advocate for the woman and protect your autonomy as a practitioner?

Look at styles of communication, leadership, consider language barriers, disabled clients, communication within the multi-disciplinary team and transfer of information to the woman and her family. Critically analyse the literature.

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