Netflix Leading with Data

Read the following: Harvard Business Case: Netflix Leading with Data: The Emergence of Data-Driven Video (attached) 3. In your case study analysis please address the following In its competition with Netflix, where did Blockbuster go wrong? How was the use of customer data a key differentiator? How might Blockbuster have better positioned itself against Netflix? What are the core competencies of Netflix’s current business model (primarily DVD-by-mail with an online component)? Assess the value of Netflix’s business as described in the case. What effects will the rise of the VOD market likely have on Netflix’s business model? How does VOD threaten Netflix’s business? What opportunities does it present? Which of Netflix’s current competencies can it best leverage as a competitive advantage in VOD? Which might be liabilities? (For this question, refer to the “Comparing Value Drivers in the Video Rental Market” section.) What kind of partnerships should Netflix prioritize: partnerships with content providers or with hardware/device manufacturers?