Neither Wolf nor Dog reflection paper

Read the book, Neither Wolf nor Dog and create a reaction paper according to the following criteria.

Please select three of the following questions and write a 3 page reflection paper incorporating your thoughts and reactions. Please identify which question you are writing about. These are your thoughts and response to the book so you can write in the 1st person as you use APA format.
1. Nerburn makes some observations about some of the following topics: Indian
time, Silence, Junk cars. Describe what he learned. Have you ever experienced your own examples of working with others who had a different perspective than yours?
2. What did Dan and Grover think about names for Native Americans? What about sports teams that are named after Indians? Why do they feel as they do? What is your opinion about this? Be sure to explain your perspective.
3. At one point, Nerburn said, “Dan really did live his life like Fatback”. What does he mean when he says this? Do you agree or disagree and why?
4. What does the phrase, “Neither wolf nor dog” mean? What do Dan and Grover say about this idea? Have you ever seen or experienced something like this? In what way?
5.WhatistheattitudetowardthelandthatDanandGrovertalkabout?Howdo they feel about the Black Hills? Why is it so important?
6. What did Dannie say about the role of women within the Native American culture? How do Dan and Grover act toward women? Explain any similarities or contrasts.

*In addition each student writing a Neither Wolf nor Dog reaction paper should comment on the following:

Were there any parts of the book that made you feel uncomfortable? What were they? Did Nerburn write anything that helped you with these feelings?