Neighbourhoods of Toronto

 For this topic, you will be comparing two different neighbourhoods of Toronto using the neighbourhood profiles developed by the City of Toronto’s WellBeing Toronto and Urban HEART sites, as well as the Toronto Real Estate Board website, and your own observations. You may also use any other websites as long as they are reliable and referenced. The objective is to choose one of the neighborhood typologies from the Territory and Neighborhoods PowerPoint (Blowers, or Warren & Warren), and fit your chosen neighborhoods into it using the typology’s criteria. This means that you will have to select appropriate variables and find the data for them according to the chosen typology. For example, you will need to find a variable to indicate level of interaction for either typology (think parking lots and subway/bus routes. Once you have done that, compare the differences and similarities of the two neighbourhoods based on their type. Provide maps, tables of any data, or anything else you feel is pertinent.