My Career Aspiration

Description This is an essay about my post-study career plan, which I would be submitting for a scholarship application for my master’s study. I am applying for a master’s in media and communication, specialising in digital content design and production (eg. animation, web development, eMarketing, apps development, video production, television narratives, multimedia journalism). There are two requirments needed for the career plan essay: 1. Be Clear. This means be specific and logical. Write the specifics of what you inted to do: the time, place, name of the exact project, the envisaged beneficiaries and the quantifiable impacts. 2. Classify. Often, 2 broad classes, immediate (early post-studies) and late (long term post-studies) plans suffice. __________________________________________________ This is a brief background of myself so that you could better relate it to my career plan later. I have graduated from BA (Hons) in Communication this year July. While studying, I spent two years working part time at an energy products manufacturing company known as Nowori Marketing and Enterprise. I worked as a marketing manager assistant and my role involved directing all phases of marketing initiatives where I created a series of new packaging designs, brochures, website and social media content. After working a year with the company, I was given chances to travel outside the country to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China to meet other young entrepreneurs in the country and promote the products. ___________________________________