Multimedia Communication – Reflective Essay

Drawing from class readings, class materials, other courses you have taken, as well as applicable personal or work experiences, write a paper reflecting on what you have learned in this course, how you expect to use the information, and how the course content is related to other courses you have taken. The paper should be approximately 3-5 double spaced pages. Effective essays usually include the following elements: 1.) An introduction or thesis statement that tells the reader what issues, or topics, you are going to address in your paper. 2.) The body of the essay in which you accomplish what you said you would in the thesis statement. I expect the reflective essay will be organized so that related subjects are together with clear divisions between different topics. The goal is to keep focused and capture the reader’s interest. 3). A final paragraph that briefly summaries what you have accomplished in the paper………….In other words start by telling the reader what you are going to do, do it, and tell them what you did……………..Students often ask if they should write the Reflective Essay in academic style that is – no use of I or we, no use of you or plural you. That style does not work well for this type of paper. More info on the paper as well as all the chapters from the class textbook will be added to the files section.