Muhammad Ali for Social Change

Description In this essay, you will write about how a sports Icon, Muhammad Ali, was able to utilize his celebrity and his ethnic (African-American) power to bring social change and for African Americans. Muhammad Ali played a large role in bringing more awareness and attention to the civil rights movement and played a large role in the civil rights movement. Activists draw on the narrative power of sports and the cultural power of celebrity, among other rhetorical tools, to seek social change. In this paper, you will have the opportunity to examine the narrative strategies employed by your subject, Muhammad Ali, the symbolic acts they employ, the reconstruction of a sports narrative (or narratives) they create, and the use of celebrity as social symbol, to achieve social change. The paper should follow a classic research paper, with a strong thesis supported by evidence later in the text. Opinions are also welcomed to be included in this paper, but they also must be supported with evidence.