Minimum Wage and The Distribution Of Income

 Research Paper Header Requirements Assignment Date Formatted as mm/dd/yy Class Name section: example ECON 2301-105 Paper Title Page number of number of pages: example page 1 of 3 Paper Body Format Microsoft Word Arial 11-point font Bolding, underlining, italics and/or the use of Times New Roman or Cambria Fonts is permissible for emphasis such as is used in these instructions Spacing 1.5 Left Justified 11 point Arial font. 1.5 spaced. Margins 1 inch all around Use Chicago Style. (This is also part of your research, do you know how to access the resources in the library or online?) This is a TERM RESEARCH PAPER. Students must turn in the paper electronically. 11 point Arial font. 1.5 spaced. Margins 1 inch all around, approximately 3-5 pages. This does not include title pages or work cited pages. Some of the questions the Research paper should address are Describe in general the issue that is being debated: 1. Read two or more perspectives on this argument from both sides (support minimum wage increase, oppose minimum wage increase) and describe the authors perspectives on raising the minimum wage to reduce poverty and inequality. 2. Analyze the evidence that each author uses to support his/her thesis: What types of evidence are used? Does the evidence support his or her thesis? 3. Evaluate the qualification of the authors: What bias might the authors have? 4. Use statistics and facts and macroeconomic theories to evaluate the articles. REFERENCE ARTICLES What’s Best AT Reducing Poverty? An Examination of the Effectiveness of the 2007 Minimum Wage Increase. Can Raising the Minimum Wage Reduce Poverty and Hardship? The Impact of a $9.80 Federal Minimum Wage. Is There Consensus in Favor of Wage Mandates? 2 Parties Place Political Focus on Inequality, by Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times. From the Center for America Progress: Http:// Http://