Military Veterans

SWRK375 Social Work Practice with Military Families Literature Review Paper Rubric Your literature review will be a collection of studies that you analyze for differences and commonalities pertaining to your military topic. This rubric will be used to assess your review of the literature. Your paper should be 4 to 5 pages in length. You will review 4 articles published in refereed professional journals. Review only articles published in 2010 or after. When you cite your articles within your paper and bibliography, use APA format. Please note the authors of articles you select begin their discussion with a review of the literature which serves as your example of a literature review. Evaluation Elements: Points Your Score Identify and discuss objective and/or hypothesis of study Hypothesis 10 Describe research design 10 Discuss sample criteria and size 10 Describe statistic test used and how data were collected 10 Discuss study results 10 Implications for social work practice (How do findings from the articles you reviewed impact social work practice and/or social worker roles). roles) and 10 Based on what you’ve learned from this review of the literature, what areas pertaining to your topic need further research/ what are the gaps? 10 Your analysis and conclusion regarding 4 articles 10 No or few spelling and punctuation errors 10 Writing is clear, organized, no or few grammar errors and utilization of APA format 10 Total 100%