metalhead critical summary checklist

metalhead critical summary checklist Description 1) APA- Your essay is formatted in APA Style, with running head, pagination, and format of citations as explained in the seminar. 2 ) Word Count- your essay is 1200 words, no more than or less than +/-10%. 3)Title- your essay has a proper title in the way explained in class. 4) Citation- You include at least 7 citations in APA style which are derived from scholarly sources (no URLs, no author, no date, citations) 5) Paragraphs- your paragraphs are double-spaced and structured according to the thesis, support, and transitions. 6) GETTYSBURG — your essay includes at least ONE GETTYSBURG paragraph, (Either in the introduction or evaluation) 7) Introduction- Your essay begins with an introductory paragraph, in the style explained in the class which outlines your thesis 8) Background- Your Background section of your essay links metalhead to your own thesis 9) Summary- The summary portion of your essay focuses on those elements of the story which are relevant to your thesis 10) Evaluation- Your evaluation relies o sound argument and evidence ( Qualitative and/ or Quantitative) which supports your argument 11) Presentation- Your essay demonstrates a good use of punctuation and style as explained in class seminars 12) Proofread- Your essay is proofread, as evidenced by the absence of typos, spelling mistake and errors Important Guidelines – Metalhead is an episode of the series name black mirror. You have to make a critical summary on that.