Memorial Park Neighborhood Plan

So I have done assignment 1, 2 and 3 and I need to complete assignment 4 and so far I got 8/10 on all of them and really need a 10/10 so if you could please take your time and help me get that grade. So I’ll go over the 3 assignments so you can understand what to do for assignment 4. Assignment 1) Description of the program that briefly describes what it is, a little history, and a contact person to interview regarding its development and potential. Assignment 2) Description of the sustainability aspects of the General Plan. This could describe a theme, parts of existing elements, or a sustainability element if they have one. Indicate what special environmental plans they may have such as a climate Action Plans. Due 9/25 assignment 3) Description of the regional context. What nich does the city fill? How does the city fit into the SCS of SCAG’S RTP? Are there multiple species habitat conservation pants that include any of the city or county? How does the programrelate to this level of planning? This is the assignment thats due that I havent completed yet Assignment 4) Description of lessons learned and recommendations for further planning, coordination, specific changes to the program, etc. I will upload all assignments 1 2 and 3 so you can read them and fully understand them and see what my topic is mainly about