Medical ethics

Description has to be about adolescence having the right about there own decisions in treatment, respiratory help, etc. paper should be approximately 3 pages in length, be double spaced with 1 inch margins, and use a 12 point font. Include a works cited page and parenthetical referencing in text. You may use either APA or MLA formatting. Use at least three reputable sources. Wikipedia and WebMD, while valuable websites, are not acceptable sources for this paper. At least one of the three sources must be from a National Library of Medicine website. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Sources should be formatted as they will be on the works cited page. Checklist for Medical Ethics Paper: Check the thesis statement. Is it clear? Did you pick a side of the issue? Check for third person voice throughout the paper (No use of “I” or “you”). Check for proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Check for sentence structure. Check for flow and logical sequencing. Check for supporting arguments. Do the arguments support the thesis? Are they logical? Are they convincing? Do they utilize and cite reputable sources using parenthetical in-text citations. If a counter argument is presented, is an effective rebuttal included? Check for length. Is it three pages plus a fourth works cited page? If it is too short,find additional sources or make additional arguments. If it is too long, identify repetitious or weak arguments and remove them. Are sources cited with proper in-text citation methods? Is the works cited page included? Are the citations formatted in APA or MLA style? Do the in-text citations match up with the references on the works cited page? Remove references that do not have in-text citations referring to them. Add references for sources used in-text that are not on the works cited page.