Media Ethics;Argue why the Israel Hayoum Law is an unethical law

Argue why the Israel Hayoum Law is an unethical law (drawing from the form of journalism practiced in Israel which is social responsibility form). 1. Look at those who argued against it – validate their arguments but also examine the agenda of those arguing against. 2. Support your argument by looking at those who vote for it and examine their political agenda 3. How does it endanger democracy? What can it lead to? For those who argue Pro – Argue why the Israel Hayoum Law is a law designed to maintain ethical journalism in a free market democratic society. For example: What is it looking to save? 1. Look at the arguments of those who formed the bill – examine the stated agenda vs motivation 2. How will the bill help safeguard democracy? How should it be examined if the bill passes. BAKGD ISRAEL HAYOUM – a different animal – launched by Sheldon Adelson in 2007 and described by Nahum Barnea (Israeli Journalist) as the biggest election gift ever it is a free daily with a massive circulation in its 7 year of existence. Nicknamed the Bibiton. What is the Israel Hayom law that the Knesset passed in a preliminary vote on Wednesday? The “law for the advancement and protection of written journalism in Israel” is more widely known as the “Israel Hayom law” and would more accurately be called “the law to limit Sheldon Adelson’s influence.” The law, proposed by MK Eitan Cabel (Knesset) and sponsored by members of five other Knesset parties, would make it illegal to widely distribute a full-size newspaper free of charge. The law’s stated intention is to “defend written journalism” in a period of financial hardship for newspapers in Israel (Maariv closed down, Haaretz on its way) . It doesn’t mention any paper by name, but only Israel Hayom fits its requirements. THE LAW’S UNSTATED INTENTION: An anti Bibi/Adelson law many would argue that was widely supported across the board by many from within his coalition. This is not a right wing newspaper per say that just purports right wing ideology – this is a paper that came out against many of Netanyahu’s competitors, party members etc. Regardless of their ideology or platform rather more if they posed a threat to the PM. It came out after Bennet, after Lieberman etc. Why are the law’s supporters going after Israel Hayom? Aside from the official reason of creating fair competition in the Israeli newspaper industry, there are political and commercial considerations at work. Israel Hayom has had one agenda since it first appeared in 2007 — Benjamin Netanyahu. It supported his candidacy for prime minister, and since his reelection in 2009, it has been slavishly pushing his policies and defending him and his family from criticism. The law is being sponsored by members of rival parties to Netanyahu’s Likud, from the right and left, both coalition and opposition members. Even Netanyahu’s senior ministers have attacked the paper; Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called it “Pravda” and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett described it as “a mouthpiece of one man.” In its support for Netanyahu, Israel Hayom has created enemies across the political spectrum who are eager to clip its wings. ————————————————————————————————————— they reserve their most vicious editorial attacks for anyone who dares to disagree with or criticize Netanyahu and the government. I wouldn’t say that they do that at the expense of the truth, but the journalists who work there know that they have to tow a particular editorial line in anything that touches the government. There isn’t even a pretense of objectivity. And that makes them very, very different to any other paper in Israel. It’s known as the “Bibiton” which is Hebrew for sort of “Bibi” news and – Nachum Barnea, who’s an award-winning Israeli columnist. He described the paper which was launched just before the last election as “the biggest election gift ever given in Israel.” If you remember, Natanyahu was elected by a knife edge, so any slight swing in the vote there was extremely important. The other thing about Israel is that the standard of living here is much, much lower than it is in the States, and so, an expenditure on a daily newspaper is much, much higher proportionally, since salaries are about a third of what they are in the States. If someone’s giving you a newspaper for nothing, instead of one that you have to pay for, then it’s gonna be very attractive to you. And once you start reading it, then there’s more than likely possibility that it’s going to start to inform your political views.