Measures and Benchmarks in Support of Supply Chain Management

 Please Select a company of your choice, it can be real or factious, and prepare a thirteen slide powerpoint presentation describing the various measures and benchmarks used in monitoring and management of the performance of a business supply chain, considering the following: 1.) Measures and benchmarks used in each of the primary functions within the supply chain, e.g. procurement, transportation, warehousing, customer service, etc. 2.) Typical measures used at the various levels of supply chain management, including: VP of Supply Chain, Directors, and functional Managers of each of the primary supply chain functions. 3.) The time period for measurement – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Then please Construct a matrix of measures and benchmarks segmented by Primary supply chain function, Level of management – senior versus operating, Timing and frequency of measures, and Level of detail of measures. Please Assume that you are the Vice President of Supply Chain for this company. Develop a “Dashboard” of measures that you would use to pictorially display and present to Corporate Management describing a “pulse beat” of how well the supply chain is functioning. As VP of Supply Chain, please make sure to describe, in the powerpoint, the process you would use to benchmark you company supply chain against other businesses and how you would use the results to improve your supply chain. Please make sure that the Powerpoint Presentaion does not exceed a cover slide and twelve slides of outlined text. Please make and state clearly any assumptions and detail needed to support your presentation content. Additionally, PLEASE make sure that the following topics are used and are included in the Powerpoint Presentation with 1 or 2 slides for each topic: 1) Key supply chain measures and benchmarks – reasons and logic, 2.) Fundamental measures within each of the supply chain functions, 3.) Uses and importance of the various measures, 4.) Difference in uses of measures by timing, levels of detail, levels of management reporting, etc., 5.) Description of the benchmarking process and value, 6.) Supply chain “Dashboard”, 7.) Logic and sources of external benchmarking and 8.) Examples of internal and external benchmarks – logic and use. Lastly, please make sure there is a high level of detail of the content and also clarity of conclusions and recommendations at the end. Please use your own words for the entire presentation, do not cite more than your own words/input.