Mayan Culture

Introduction In this report to colleagues in your scientific community, briefly describe the site you are researching. Explain why you chose this site. Analysis Review guidelines below and describe the geography, archaeology, and settlement. Explain the findings, i.e., what was found and what the findings tell us about the prehistoric culture of which they are a part and what may have happened to the culture. Address any unanswered questions or controversies surrounding this prehistoric culture or the archaeology behind it. Give your opinion on the subject. Support your opinion with evidence from your research. Conclusions Evaluate the significance of the site and the prehistoric culture for its importance in terms of world history Appendix Include any charts or maps or photographs in support of the archaeology of this site. Be sure to refer to these in the body of your paper. Follow Assignment Guidelines below Your paper should address the following: 1) Geography: Describe the geography where this group is located. Include: a. Climate b. Topography c. Water ways d. Identify modern-day country 2) Describe specific archaeological sites which tell us about your group a. Name and Location b. When excavated and by whom c. Significant features 3) Explain original reason for settlement (advantages) and the reasons for growth 4) Describe the culture: a. Subsistence base: how did people support themselves? b. Political organization: how did people govern themselves? c. Social Structure: what do we know about people were organized? d. Contacts with others: with whom did they trade; fight; network with? 5) Explain what happened to the group. Analyze the reason for the decline, disappearance, or continued existence. 6) What comparisons can we make with our own modern-day situation?