Marginalized Population Interview and presentation.

This Assignment has 2 parts- Marginalized Population Interview and Presentation The purpose of this assignment is an initiation into “the other’s” world. It is also designed to create self -reflection, and to begin to educate others on the lessons learned from this experience. For this assignment you are required to interview someone whom you believe is very different than you (either culturally, ethnically, sexual orientation, class, gender). During this discussion you are to take notes based on this interview, and take a picture of you and the person you are interviewing, if they are comfortable doing so. If you do not have a photo of the individual, you are encouraged to include what you would consider a representative-type photo. I would also encourage you to attend an event within your community or within the minority group with the marginalized person, your interviewee. This assignment has two (2) parts: the interview process and the creation and submission of the PowerPoint presentation. For Section 1, you are to explore the following questions with your interviewee and incorporate 3 or more of your own questions relevant to concepts from course lessons: