Local Delivery Routing

Local Delivery Routing To maintain the XpressEntree 20-minute service standard, a motorcycle driver leaves the kitchen every 10 minutes, delivering the orders that are ready. It is now 6:10 PM and the first batch of orders is ready to go. The estimated driving times between the kitchen and every one of the customer locations for this batch, extracted from a reliable navigation map, are shown below. The estimated travel times between destination pairs are also shown. Deliverable: Create the route(s), starting and ending at the kitchen, stopping at every location, that minimizes total travel time. This chart shows the time in minutes between each stop. The row cell where the row of interest matches the column of interest is the time between the two. Some examples – between K (Kitchen) and A (the first stop) is 2 minutes. Between K and D is 4 minutes. Between D and F is 3 minutes. Table showing the estimated travel time between destination pairs for the orders to be delivered starting at 6:10PM. Your task for this assignment is to determine the order in which the driver should stop to make it the shortest total delivery time. There are 7 total stops, meaning there are 7! (7 factorial) different combinations of stops – that equals 5,040 different combinations! Typically, there are computer simulation programs that will be able to figure out the best combination for you.  Make sure your sequence begins AND ends at the kitchen (K).