Likninpark Review

 When you go to a concert be sure to stay for the entire duration, which should be at least 1.5 hours. Take detailed notes during the concert. Following the event, give yourself a few days to draft and refine your notes into a thorough, thoughtful essay that covers the following points: •‣Introduction: What was the name of the group and/or the main solo performers, what style of music did they perform, when and where did the concert take place? •‣Describe the music: Using objective, analytical language, do your best to connect the musical terms and concepts you have learned so far in this course to the music that was performed. Use specific examples to demonstrate these concepts. •‣Describe the musicians: Again using objective language, discuss the performers and any aspects of their performance that help to place the music in its appropriate social and historical context. •‣Describe the audience: How did the audience respond to the performance? Discuss the shared experience, the concert environment, and how it felt “in the crowd.” •‣Describe your own experience: Using subjective, personal language, what was your assessment of the music, the performance, and the concert as a whole? Each review will consist of two full pages, typed in 12-point font and double spaced. College level grammar, spelling,and punctuation is expected. LikinPark