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Description The paper assignment should include the following structure and it must comply with APA written standards: Title page (1), Abstract (1), Content pages (5), Conclusion (1), and References (1). Therefore, there must be a minimum of nine (9) pages per project. For more detailed information please, go to the following link: http://flash1r.apa.org/apastyle/basics/index.htm. Only academic sources will be accepted, which means no Googles or Wikipedia. By copying and pasting information to complete any assignment during the class such as Research papers, or Discussion Forums would not be tolerated. Therefore, your grade will be “0” grade. The structure should include the following: All work must comply with APA written standards: 1- Title page (1) 2- Abstract (1), The abstract must have at least i paragraph with no less than 6 lines. 3- Content pages (5), 4- Conclusion (1), Should be your own analysis of your findings. 5- References (1). Therefore, there must be a minimum of 9 pages per project. All work must be turned in by the due date. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero (0) for that assignment. This is the (Author, date) you see in your text. It gives credit to original author’s research and are alphabetized by the author’s last name. Your research will be your own research and writing. No copying or pasting information!!! The research paper will account for 20% of your grade. Late papers will not be accepted.