Leadership Characteristics

 Description Course is Perspectives on Organizational Behavior. Part 1 Draft your Assessment Questionnaire that you plan to use for the assessment section of your project. Part 2 Each student will write a paper based on an assessment, analysis and recommendations for strengthening his/her leadership characteristics. In conjunction with the instructor’s approval each student will select a leadership model, such as the Servant-Leader Model (please do not use this one), and do a multi-dimensional assessment and analysis of his/her leadership characteristics. The assessment input will come from the three sources of self, a supervisor or co-worker and a personal associate. Each of the three will rate the student with the same instrument, based on the model’s leadership characteristics, using a 1-10 scale indicating the degree to which the student possesses the characteristics. The analysis will examine the assessment results, including both similarities and differences. Then, the recommendations will address how the student might go about strengthening his/her leadership characteristics and potential.