Labour Laws

Some of us who were here in 2016 and 2017 will attest that a lot has changed in the company. The company is on a self-destruct mode courtesy of greed. At a time like this last year, a writer with a low rating of even 4.3 would still be among the top 200 writers and they would still get 3 to 5 new orders on a daily basis. Today such a rating is ranked at position 370. The last writer in the catalogue is currently ranked at position 468. The problem started when the company started to recruit new writers from left right and center without considering the plight of its existing writers. They fire 2 writers, they hire 30 new ones. After all, an order, whether done by writer A, B or even Z still earns the company some 60% or 65% of the paid amount. So, where are you left as a writer? You bid overnight albeit unsuccessfully but the few ones who are successful will still earn the company the same returns. How can a good employer have more than 400 writers yet at the peak season we get to about 600 orders? During the low season the orders go to below 100 yet we have more than 400 writers. Does it make any sense? There are so many writers that some customers write the name of their preferred writers in the description so that they can be spared from the countless bid messages from writers. If the company’s intention is to maintain high-quality writers, why does it resell the accounts for fired writers? Some people at the heart of the company have specialized in the art of reselling accounts whose initial owners were fired. That’s why unlike in the past, it is impossible to preview the profile of fired writers. That’s why you can find a writer with a code like 160000 having completed more than 300 orders yet they ‘joined’ in August 2018. It is not bad to create employment but just like Essaypro is in this business to earn profits, the writers are also here to earn a living. It is sad that the company only cares about itself and not about the people who make it successful. Now the company is coming up with pressurized moves. “We need you to be online around 25th November to 10th December” after most of the older writers have started looking for opportunities elsewhere. At a time like this last year, I had a rating of 4.3 and I was earning twice the amount I am earning today yet my overall ratings and completion percentage are higher than last year. You could even get orders without sending any bidding messages. Today, some writers are going for even a week without any work. Some of us have been in this industry for long and we have worked with many writing companies. We can sense the last kicks of a dying donkey. So my fellow Kenyans, if you’re new in the game, have a good plan for yourself lest you find yourself unable to pay your rent. Nothing lasts forever.


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