Judicial Process in America

Description RESEARCH PAPER GUIDELINES Remember that the grade you receive on your paper will account for a full 20% of your course grade, so careful reading of and adherence to the following REQUIREMENTS is advised. 1. Choose one topic from the Research Paper Topics listed below to write on. The research paper must be typed in the English language on 8 ½” x 11″ format utilizing Microsoft Word, with black text color and white background color. An electronic copy of your paper must be uploaded to Turnitin no later than Sunday, November 25, 2018. You must post or send your paper as a Microsoft Word attachment. Click on the Turnitin button on the course Moodle page and follow the submission instructions. Also, you must send an electronic copy of your Research Paper to me at ccavell@bluefieldstate.edu. Send the complete paper, including the Bibliography, as one single file. Sending separate parts of your paper for me to piece together is entirely unacceptable and you will be deducted accordingly. The paper should be written in normal “caps and lower case” style. It should be double-spaced throughout, except for footnotes and bibliography which should be single-spaced. Each paragraph must be indented one-half inch or 12.7 millimeters from the left text margin, i.e. one and one-half inches or 38.1 millimeters from the paper’s edge. Your page setup must include a one-inch margin on the left, right, top, and bottom of the page. Do not insert extra space between paragraphs; that is, the body of the text should be double-spaced throughout, except for blockquotes, footnotes, and the bibliography, which should be single-spaced and follow the guidelines below. You must use NOT MORE than a maximum 12 point font size and maximum double-spaced text with EXACTLY a one-inch margin on all sides. Footnotes may be smaller than body text point size but in no case smaller than 8 points. Times New Roman font is strongly recommended; however, if you use an alternative style, make sure your font is not italic nor bold text. Also, Comic Sans MS font is not allowed. The hard copy of your paper should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner and turned in as such. Binders or folders or enhancements of any sort are to be avoided. Except for the cover page, all pages must be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. Do not use Running Heads other than your name. Also, DO NOT use contractions in your research paper (e.g. use “it is” instead of “it’s” or “do not” instead of “don’t”, etc.). And when using acronyms, write out the full phrase the first time it is used along with the corresponding acronym, e.g. “American Political Science Association (APSA)”. When using numbers, write out all single digit numbers between zero and nine, and utilize numerical digits from the numbers “10” and above. In addition, DO NOT place borders around the edges of your cover page or around any pages. And do not include any pictures or alternate colors; i.e. keep it black and white in your research paper. 2. The paper should be at least seven pages long with at least five of these pages composed of text, i.e. a minimum of five full pages of text. DO NOT REPEAT verbatim the Research Question you select to write on in your paper; your subject matter should become obvious to the reader. A COVER PAGE, complete with title, author, course number, instructor’s name, and date of submission—in this order—must be attached. As well, a Bibliography or Works Cited page, complete with a list of all references cited in your paper, must also be attached at the end of your paper as a separate page. Parenthetical documentation within your text should be utilized to acknowledge wherever you incorporate another’s words, facts, or ideas. In your parenthetical documentation, you are REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY THE SOURCE, LIST THE DATE OF PUBLICATION (BOTH ORIGINAL AND NEW IF THE TEXT IS A REPUBLICATION), AS WELL AS THE PAGE NUMBER(S), so that the reader may locate and verify such information. A table of contents page is optional and should follow immediately your cover page. Any subheadings in the paper should be left justified and in bold type. The paper, at a minimum, should adhere to the following basic outline: