Introduction to Energy

 Visit 1) The default graph shown depicts US primary energy usage from before 1975 to the present. What do you think is behind the regular periodic fluctuations in consumption? There are many display options for the graph. If you scroll down, you can click on different curves. You can also change the timeframe of interest, or go from monthly to annual data. Finally, you can look at other data sets by changing the Box 1 “Change Data Category” and Box 2 “Change Table”. In your group, use the EIA website and tackle the following questions: 2) What energy source(s) are behind the increase in primary energy production since 2010? 3) What is the main energy source consumed in the US today? 4) What are the two most dominant renewable energy sources today? 5) In the last 5-10 years, which primary energy sources have seen higher consumption? Lower consumption? Why do you think this is? 6) What percentage increase has solar energy consumption seen (in Trillion BTU) in the last 30 years? 7) Heating-Degree Days and Cooling Degree Days: What is the general trend and what are the potential implications? 8) Among OPEC countries, how much oil is being produced compared to the 1970s? 9) What share of US electricity comes from nuclear? Is there any trend since 1990? Explain. Visit 10) Which nations will dominate the world in energy use in the next few decades? Recap: Write a short paragraph describing major findings from looking at the data. What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? Is there anything intriguing that you want to know more about?