Interview with a Senior Citizen (Age 65+).

Part 1: Interview with a Senior Citizen (Age 65+). Please provide a transcript of your interview using these questions. How old are you? Where were you born/raised? What was your family composition? How many siblings? Were your parents married? Did they ever divorce? What is your highest level of education? What is the biggest difference about families now, as opposed to when you were being raised? What do you think today’s families are lacking? What were your parents’ roles in your household? Was the community (neighbors, church, schools, etc.) more involved in the raising of families/children in your day? How so? Do you have any regrets? Are you involved in any activities? What could society do to better support you as you age? If you had to offer me one piece of advice about life, what would it be? Part II: 5- Paragraph Essay After you complete the interview, write a 5-paragraph essay that compares at least two of your interviewee’s responses to our readings (Week 2 Lessons). Next, address what public policies are available to support this population, and lastly, what are your two biggest takeaways from this interview. Be sure to use at least 2 citations to support your essay.