International Sales or International Key Account Management

I would like you to work out a thesis proposal in the field of International Sales / Key account management, thereafter the thesis itself. I will upload a folder which has to be filled in, together with other necessary information. I would like to use your service throughout the whole process of thesis completition. In other words, I would prefer the same writer working out this first proposal for me, thereafter adjusting it several times according to the wishes of my supervisors. And after handing the final proposal on January 15th 2019 and the acceptance of the topic by the head of studies, I would want the writer to start writing the thesis. While writing the thesis, I would again meet up with my assigned supervisor and I would need the writer to do the necessary adjustments, according to the supervisor’s wishes. The thesis should be completed till 20th May 2019. To the proposal: there should be around 3-5 hypothesis. I will upload a short description template, it can serve as a guideline what should be done. Concerning the methodology, I’m considering to do some empirical research, but Im not sure yet. It will also depend what my supervisor will say. When yes, I have in mind some interviews with experts from companies, rather a qualitative structure than quantitative, but as I said I’m not sure yet. In case there is anything unclear, feel free to contact me.