International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management Description Class: International Human Resource Management Bachelor: International Management in the Middle East and North Africa Please, whichever question you choose to focus on one or more countries in the Middle Eastern and North African region. Here are all the questions below, please choose ONE. 3000 words max. Please please, I am expecting someone who has time, ready to commit and provide a 100% original work. 1. Analyse the difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. Which one do you think is more prevalent in your region of study and why? 2. How does the HRM function of Recruitment & Selection operate in your region of study? How does this compare and contrast to the UK? 3. What are the key trends and challenges relating to Employee Development and Talent Management in your region of study? 4. Describe how the HRM functions of Performance Management and Performance Appraisal operate from the ‘best practice’ HRM perspective. Describe how this compares and/or contrasts with attitudes to performance and the implementation of performance management and appraisal in your region of study. 5. Why is Diversity Management of increasing focus within the field of HRM? Analyse Diversity Management issues in your region of study. 6. Critically analyse the key issues relating to gender and HRM in your region of study. 7. Identify and analyse the key trends in HRM in your region of study, providing examples from business where possible to illustrate your argument. 8. What is ‘best practice’ Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)? Are there examples of SHRM in operation in your region of study? I will upload lectures shortly, will be very helpful to guide you for the essay. Thank you in advance