intercultural communication

 For this assignment you are required to choose a culture and demonstrate an thorough understanding of its culture and how it relates to international business. You are required to define the culture’s core values, as discussed in class. Discuss any other cultural values you find important to conducting business in this country (ie., verbal and nonverbal communication, business etiquette, etc.) Bibliographies must be included. The paper should be 5-7 pages in length double space. This assignment is due week Ten. Possible questions include: What are some of the value differences between this culture and your own? What are the predominant religious beliefs espoused by members of this culture, and how do you think these beliefs influence their behaviors? What are some nonverbal communication differences found in this culture? What are some communication style differences found in this culture? What are some language or dialectical differences found in this culture? How are social roles/gender roles viewed in this culture? Do family structure and roles differ in this culture? If you were a person traveling to do business in this culture, what information would you need?