Inter-professional Interaction Presentation

Excellent health care service is the result of many disciplines working together for the betterment of people they serve. Such disciplines are radiology technicians, lab technicians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, social workers, unit clerks, clinical clerks, physicians, respiratory technologists, and dietitians, to name just a few. At times disciplines tend to become myopic in their perception of the scope of health care provision. There is a growing need for us as nurses to become more aware of the roles other disciplines have in providing care. The purpose of this activity assignment is to facilitate appreciation for and communication with other disciplines.

Instructions: To this end, you will be required to talk with a unique discipline and ask pertinent questions about their work, such as what they do, how they perceive what impact they have on the health of individuals, etc. One question that would be of importance is what they would like to communicate to nurses regarding the impact nurses have on their activities. In return, you must include in this interaction what you see as your role as student nurse and importance in providing care to individuals on the unit. This is to be a two-way communication interaction, not just ‘finding out’ about the role and activities of another discipline. Once this interaction has taken place, your responsibility is to present this to the clinical group.