Inferences and population variances concepts and terminologies

This is an assignment that discusses the inferences and population variances concepts and terminologies. The paper also demonstrates the concepts and techniques in course readings.

Inferences and population variances concepts and terminologies

The purpose of this assignment is to:
Explain various concepts and terminologies related to making inferences about population variances.
Compute estimations and test for a population variance.
Compute estimations and test for comparing two population variances.


In this assignment, you are to demonstrate your understanding of concepts, tools, and/or techniques covered in the course readings and class activities for this week. You will demonstrate this through completion of selected practice exercises at the end of assigned chapter readings. Additionally, you will work on the problems within your group by discussing and sharing your thoughts about each problem, but you have to submit your own individual assignment. You will also submit your peer evaluation form with your assignment.

You are to be thorough in your responses. As you do this, constantly ask yourself (and reflect) on how you would apply the same statistical concepts and techniques to any other project or to your upcoming dissertation. Even if the questions in the exercises are worded as yes/no questions, you are expected to provide an explanation and justification for your answers. As a doctoral student, you are also expected to provide evidence and explanation for your responses and claims, and show supporting work for all your answers.
Note: You may also utilize Smarthinking tutoring to help you with this assignment.


1.   Make sure that you have also accessed all resources in the Week 3 Preparation object before starting this assignment.
2.   View this video tutorial on how to import an Excel file into SAS studio.
3.   You can post questions regarding this assignment or other Week 3 assignments in the Week 3 Doctoral Dialogue learning object.
4.   As a group, you will work on the weekly Practice Assignments, but you will submit your own individual submission. Also, you will evaluate each other’s participation to the group dynamics using the rubric provided.
5.   Make sure to be thorough in your responses.