use the provided 7 articles and figure out the gap. for example: first article focus on how transformational leadership affect on innovation second focus on performance at the end write the gap of all the 7 articles .. example : other researchers doesn’t focus on privates sector, European country, transformational leadership has biggest impact on motivation but they didn’t mention it

In a longitudinal, randomized field experiment, we tested the impact of transformational leadership, enhanced by training, on follower development and performance. Experimental group leaders received transformational leadership training, and control group leaders, eclectic leadership training. The sample included 54 military leaders, their 90 direct followers, and 724 indirect followers. Results indicated the leaders in the experimental group had a more positive impact on direct followers’ development and on indirect followers’ performance than did the leaders in the control group,

THEORY AND HYPOTHESES Transformational Leadership and Follower Development The past two decades have heralded some convergence among organizational behavior scholars concerning a new genre of leadership theories, alternatively referred to as “transformational,” “charismatic,” and “visionary” leadership. Despite different emphases in each theory. House and Shamir asserted that “it can be safely concluded that there is a strong convergence of the findings from studies with charismatic leadership and those concerned with transformational and visionary leadership” (1993: 84).