if you had only 12months to live

This project is designed to integrate the information we have studied this quarter as it relates to aging, end of life decisions, and death and dying. It includes practical as well as philosophical information.<br>_x000D_
Length: There is no specific length. I will be looking to see if you have included all necessary information. Any information you type should be doubled spaced and follow the font, margin and APA style requirements.<br>_x000D_
Font: 12 point, times new roman, black—this applies to any information you type.<br>_x000D_
1” margins, APA style<br>_x000D_
Sources: Not required but if you use sources you must credit them.<br>_x000D_
This project will be assembled as a portfolio. The final product should be uploaded as one document.<br>_x000D_
For the will, advance directives or any other documents you may use a pre-printed form and simply complete it with your information. Templates are available on Canvas.<br>_x000D_
Content format: you have been told you only have 12 months to live and you must do the following things:<br>_x000D_
Decide what you would do with your remaining time.<br>_x000D_
What final advice, memories, and/or wisdom would you want to leave to your children, spouse, family and/or friends?<br>_x000D_
Plan your medical care, i.e. hospice, nursing home, etc.<br>_x000D_
Write a living will and/or other advance directive<br>_x000D_
Write your will.<br>_x000D_
Write your obituary.<br>_x000D_
Plan your funeral.<br>_x000D_
Will you be buried or cremated?<br>_x000D_
Will you have a memorial or other type of service?<br>_x000D_
Research and include the costs of your choices.<br>_x000D_
Write your own eulogy.<br>_x000D_
Music choices<br>_x000D_
Flower choices<br>_x000D_
Any other request you would wish to make.<br>_x000D_
An excellent project, i.e. those seeking an A grade will put time and creative effort into this project which could include the following:<br>_x000D_
Create the card/pamphlet that would be passed out at your funeral.<br>_x000D_
Create a model of your tombstone, write an epitaph<br>_x000D_
Include pictures!