Identity & Space, proposal

 Description Identity & Space. This research paper asks you to consider a narrow topic related to identity and space. You will make an argument about a specific representation of ethnicity, gender, etc. in a chosen virtual or physical space. You should reference at least 6 sources for your final draft. Because this paper involves research, we will take each step of the process slowly. For your 2-3 page proposal due Nov 5, consider the following: What is the specific aspect of identity you want to explore, and what is the space? Why is this representation of identity & space interesting and important to you? What questions will you raise & answer in this paper? It’s okay if you don’t know the answers yet — you will find them by researching & writing. What critiques or opposing points of view are related to your topic? Anticipate & write about these other points of view in your proposal. What is your preliminary research plan? Where & how will you find more information about your topic? Conclude by reiterating your topic, and why a discussion/paper about this topic is important. Why should your reader care?