Identify a creativity challenge for your organization or another organization.

Assignment 1
Identify a creativity challenge for your organization or another organization. Select either appreciative inquiry or the creativity brief to work through your challenge. All must create a mind map. You should be working with members in your organization or another organization to complete this project. This is a service learning activity, and therefore hours should be tracked on your log. The log should include time spent meeting with the team, not the time spent writing the paper.

Consult the APA 6th edition book when writing your paper.
Please submit a copy of your log with your paper.
Set up your paper using the following format:
• Title page
• Abstract
• Introduction of challenge/problem
• Literature review on challenge: What is the current best practice? Synthesize.
• Describe the creativity tool you used to prepare for your creativity (i.e., hot potato). Both for Appreciative Inquiry and Creativity Brief.
• Complete a creativity brief tool (type all questions) or describe the four phases of appreciative inquiry and how they applied to your challenge. Label each phase if you are using Appreciative Inquiry.
• All must create a mind map use using tools that are free on the Internet.
• Compare and contrast problem solving approaches used in the past to the use of either the creativity brief or appreciative inquiry approach. What new solutions were elicited?
• Summary
Note: you must have headers on your paper.
Length: 10 pages maximum The mind map title page, abstract and reference pages do not count toward 10 pages.
If you are using the creativity brief you can single space and add to back as an Appendix.

Points Allocation:
• Format = 20 points
• Content = 40 points
• Quality of writing = 25 points
• References = 15 points

I work in juvenile jail, the challenge that I am trying to work on with my team is conflicts between medical and court trips. When this conflict happens, medical consult will be cancelled or rescheduled causing delay of care.

Please, I need the full articles attached not just abstract.