I want to propose that debating does not have to end up in a fight. Debate teams need to be part of the curriculum education system

PLEASE DO NOT BE REPETITIVE IN WRITING THIS PROPOSAL. iT WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE PRINCIPAL OF A SCHOOL. Instructions Using the APA 6th edition style, please begin your proposal. You will need to craft an introduction to your issue, making sure that the reader has sufficient background information about your topic. You will also begin writing your proposal please complete at least 2-3 pages NOT INCLUDING COVER AND REFERENCE PAGES making the argument for your workshop or program, using the theories highlighted in your discussion post, and the answers to the Week 1 questions. Remember, this is not an informative paper about your issue. It is a proposal for the education of adults about your issue, it is primarily theory, rationale, and research. The theories I will be using are Cognitivism (Learning Is a Mental Process) and Humanism(Learning Is About the Development of the Person) Here are the questions: 1) What is your issue? 2) Who is your audience? 3) For what reason do you want them to know more about the topic? 4) Who decides if your program or workshops is worthwhile to the population? 5) What learning theory or theories are core to your proposal? DEBATE TEAMS AND THEATER PROGRAMS SHOULD INCLUDED IN SCHOOLS. There is too much killing going n over some words and not facts.