Hurricane Irma Preparedness

***I have added the local emergency management policy files for references for this paper.***

In 2017 Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida. High winds created massive power outage. Powerful winds from Hurricane Irma whipped through southwest Florida, downing power lines and leaving a trail of debris behind. Forecasters warned people in the hurricane’s path to prepare for “dangerous storm surges” and flash flooding. As the Emergency Management Director in any of the impacted localities how would you prepare for this event.

Using your text and other sources for research and review, submit a research paper of at least 5 pages (addressing how you and your department, organization, jurisdiction would manage (focusing on preparedness and recovery and not response) an event of this magnitude.

Content Instructions:

5 page paper (content)
Title page-APA Style
Abstract Page
APA Format (in-text citations & works cited page).
3-5 Additional references not including textbook (peer-review, scholarly journal articles, books, etc.).
12 Point Font, Double spaced